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G. W. Huber

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G. W. Huber is an internationally acclaimed Horror Fiction author.  His short stories like Voice of the Water, Tickity-Tockity, and Rejection have earned him a dedicated following from Europe to the United States.


The world as this horror author sees it is out of sorts and unraveling.  Normal perceptions are shaken and upset.  Pretense is dropped in the face of obsession and anything can 


The Horror Fiction of G. W. Huber is moody and sullen with dread.  Action comes at us unexpectedly and without warning.  We are held spellbound by the expert voice of the storyteller and, without escape, are captives of our own craving to find out what will come next. 

With the recent release of the full-length novel, WISHES: The Horror Book, G. W. Huber returns to classic horror and the tale of a spirit filled with spite and a longing for revenge.


Within the pages of his tales, Huber delivers a mood of unease so engrossing that the reader is entirely caught up in a world of dreadful possibility. 


“G. W. Huber's Horror Fiction is like a spider web, wherein one doesn’t know they’re entangled until it is too late.”

Special Thanks to my ever-present editor, Letitia E. Minnick, for her patience, professionalism and red pen. -GWH

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